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I have been thinking about 7.62 battle rifles a lot lately. Not buying one any time soon. Honestly over the rest of this year my gun goals are to perfect my systems, save enough cash to take another CSAT class and close out a few odds n ends. Specifically I want to buy a case of 5.56, a few boxes of 150 gr .308 SP ammo and a couple of .380 auto plus some various magazines. That will pretty much take all of my projected gun money for the rest of the year.

About a year from now I will be looking at a semi auto .308 unless I sell some dead weight to get the ball rolling which is a possibility I am pondering. The PTR-91 offers some big advantages and is the forerunner. A couple other guns do interest me.

The new DSA SA-58 Voyager brings in a big name FAL for about $1,100. These are to the DSA FAL what the Kahr CW line is to their P series. A gun with some, largely insignificant modifications, that ends up bringing a high quality gun into peoples hands at a more affordable price. This has the up side of giving me the most popular (at least world wide) 7.62 battle rifle with very deep options for customization or scrounging spare parts. This could also be handy in some potential survivalist scenarios as those evil foreign troops might well be packing FAL's. The down sides are 1) parts are fairly expensive and 2) The only reason the FAL is still alive in the US is DSA. It is for all intensive purposes a one manufacturer system as the old rifles, parts kits and mags dried up a long time ago. The logistics of the FAL are only going to keep getting worse. [This could also be said for the G3/PTR-91 though it is ten years or so behind the FAL.]

The DPMS 3G1 7.62 is pretty much everything I would want in an AR-10. Shipped to my LGS it would be in the $1,450 range which is more money but this gun has a lot of cool features and relative to the AR-10 market is a good buy. Mags are the same price as for the FAL ($20ish) and parts, which not cheap are widely available. My extensive training with the platform would help considerably with the learning curve. The downside is cost: For the price of a 3G1 I could get a PTR-91 with 30 magazines and a full spare parts kit. Since I'm just barely realistically in a place to look at a 7.62 semi auto good for anything but bubba dumping at the gravel pit this is a significant consideration. The biggest plus in the AR-10's corner is they are currently being made by a wide variety of manufacturers. The logistics for AR-10's will improve in time while the others are getting worse.

My gut says I'm too late for a FAL to make sense. They are so iconic and cool but arguably offer some of the worst of both worlds being expensive to procure and a 1 manufacturer show with a dwindling surplus of .mil stuff stateside. Sure the G3 stuff isn't getting more common but it is fairly cheap and definitely out there. For $500 one could buy a lifetime supply of mags and spare parts for a PTR. As to the AR-10 I think the market is going to keep getting better as it moves towards a standardization of parts along the M110/SR-25/ DPMS lines. Also I think prices are going to keep slipping down. There is no reason an AR in .308 costs twice as much as a similar one in 5.56.


On an unrelated note Directive 21 is offering 5% off Tattler Wide Mouth Lids and ten bucks off their regular mouth lids.
Author: Theother Ryan
Posted: May 21, 2015, 2:37 am

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