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Hat tip to WSRA and Weapons Man for the find. I wouldn't say every technique was perfect and Weapons Mans criticisms are valid. As to the guy backing up into the alley with his family behind him I agree that is less than ideal but in fairness there was a clear threat in that direction. Maybe the ideal answer would be the primary shooter faces that threat and the alternate (Mrs or whatever) faces the other way ready to engage in that direction. Of course that implies there is a second armed, somewhat trained shooter.

I will give the guy credit for the homeless guy look with the beat up hoodie, field jacket and blanket. Homeless folks rarely merit a second glance in the urban jungle. Also it covered up a rifle and chest rig which was significant. That is something I will keep in mind.

I am eager for episode 2.
Author: Theother Ryan
Posted: September 1, 2015, 1:27 am

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