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Before freeze drying or refrigeration, people would preserve foods by smoking them – especially meats. Smoke would extend the shelf life for the winter and add flavor while making the meats tender. Now, smoking has evolved into a fun way to add tons of flavor to your cuts of meat. You might think that it’s as easy as putting meat on the grill – but it’s a very different process. Here are some things to consider when you want to smoke meat: Choosing a Smoker You might think that smokers are just canisters that contain smoke, but they are a bit more complicated than that. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a smoker. Price. Typically, they range in price from $50 – $10,000 depending on the quality  ...
Author: Brandon Garrett
Posted: December 15, 2014, 10:57 pm
Have you ever seen a wild mushroom and wondered if you could eat it? Before you put it in your mouth WAIT! If you are not 100% positive of the type of mushroom, you could be making a deadly mistake by eating it. It is vital that you always identify any mushroom that you eat. Since there are literally hundreds of edible species of mushrooms, this list illustrates some of the more distinctive mushrooms and their specific traits. Being able to successfully identify these characteristics and traits should help you to avoid the poisonous species. If you are interested in knowing all the species of mushrooms that are in North America, a suggested field guide book called “National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms” can be picked up  ...
Author: Mike Young
Posted: December 10, 2014, 11:09 pm
One of the first things that even the most prepared survivalist will soon have in short supply following a collapse is potable water. Unless you have your own well or creek on your homestead, you’ll have to rely on the water you have stored up – which will quickly dwindle. And even that water may become contaminated with runoff of pollutants, fecal bacteria, or other deadly poisons. One source of free and fresh water that you can collect without fear is rainwater. Rainwater may come sporadically, though, so you want to be able to maximize your collection when it does fall, and have a safe, secure means of storing it. A rain gutter collection system will allow you to do this. And even prior to a collapse, you can collect  ...
Author: Mike Young
Posted: December 8, 2014, 10:40 pm
One of the most important jobs when you’re growing your own food is ensuring that your garden is getting an adequate supply of water. If you are in a situation that requires you to grow a lot of your own food, keeping the garden watered by hand can be a time-consuming job. Following an economic collapse, electricity and other forms of nonrenewable energy will be very scarce, which means you won’t be able to rely on powered water pumps. Fortunately, there’s an alternative. Humans used wind power to pump water for centuries prior to the industrial revolution, and following an economic collapse, you can return to this technology – with a few modern additions. In fact, you can build a wind-powered water pump out of recycled bike parts and PVC  ...
Author: Mike Young
Posted: December 3, 2014, 3:54 pm
It’s always colder in the mountains so no matter where you’re headed on your next backpacking adventure or what time of year it is, bring these cold facts with you! Check out this infographic on some helpful tips on how to survive hypothermia. Hopefully this helps!
Author: Brandon Garrett
Posted: December 1, 2014, 7:16 pm
Nothing is more frustrating than getting out your favorite knife and finding the blade dull. Here is how to quickly, easily and inexpensively transform that dull blade back into the efficient, precise tool you have come to rely on. Why you should sharpen your knives A dull knife can be more dangerous than a sharp one when it comes to cutting yourself. Dull knives have a higher tendency to slip during use on the material being cut. They also require you to apply more force when cutting, which further leads to the blade slipping and a higher chance of being cut. A sharp knife makes for a much safer, faster and more efficient job. Also, a sharp knife will leave less damage to the material being cut. How often should  ...
Author: Mike Young
Posted: November 24, 2014, 9:01 pm
Raising turkeys can be a great way to become a little more self-reliant and show your independent spirit around the holiday times. While they are fairly easy to raise and similar to raising chickens, there are some differences, especially when they are young, that you’ll need to consider. You’ll have to consider how much space the turkeys will take, what breeds you should have, the cost of feeding and water and what you’ll end up doing with the turkey. Turkeys are a great way to be more self reliant! What Breed? There are a few different options to start out raising turkeys. One of the most common small-farm turkeys is the broad-breasted white – the “modern” version. They are the most common ones that you’ll find in grocery store. They  ...
Author: Brandon Garrett
Posted: November 21, 2014, 11:54 pm
Learning how to make your own arrowheads is an important survival skill that helped our ancestors hunt game for thousands of years, and one that can keep you alive if you ever find yourself in a survival situation. The process of making arrowheads is called Flint Knapping, and it relies on making arrowheads from stone. The advantage of knowing this technique is that it allows you to make arrowheads from supplies that are plentiful in the wilderness, does not require a knife or fire, and gives you an arrowhead that you can reuse almost indefinitely. The process of flint knapping involves three basic steps: • Breaking open the source rock, called the core • Striking flakes of rock off of the core • Shaping the flakes into arrowheads The Source  ...
Author: Mike Young
Posted: November 18, 2014, 5:51 pm
Cleaning uses of Borax Borax is the industry name borate, a mineral that occurs naturally. It is an affordable alternative cleaner that has countless uses around the house. Because it does not go bad and has many different uses – including cleaning and stain removal – Borax is an excellent item to have on hand in case of a survival emergency. In the meantime, using Borax instead of expensive special purpose cleaners can save you a lot of money. These specialized cleaners typically advertise as having “new” or “advanced” formulas for very specific uses, but the truth is that you don’t need them. In order to stay profitable, brand-name cleaning products are constantly remaking themselves, but you can use traditional cleaners that work just as well if not better. With  ...
Author: Mike Young
Posted: November 11, 2014, 4:43 pm
A solid knife is one of the most important survival tools you can have, either in your go bag or on your person in case of an emergency. Survival knives can literally be the difference between life and death in certain scenarios – without one you will have a much harder time constructing shelter, preparing wild game, or building and repairing survival necessities. It’s very important to not only have a good knife but also know how to use it in different situations. You may find yourself in a position in which the best option is to throw the knife at your target – whether you are hunting small game, or in severe circumstances, fighting off an attacker in close-quarter combat. When this is the case, you’ll want to make  ...
Author: Mike Young
Posted: November 6, 2014, 11:38 pm

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