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Prepping and General Interest Bundy Ranch Hyperbole Continues (Ed. Note: This is right along the lines of what I was talking about in my most recent podcast. Another aspect to fake preppers are those with a specific agenda. Do your own research, know what you believe and why you believe it.) Copycat Recipe: Bayou Chicken Pasta Is the Remington R51 Safe? How To Build Your Own Solar Bottle Bulb And Get Free Off-Grid Lighting Microgrids Aren’t a Fad…They Are the Future A Shotgun, The Best Firearm for Defending Your Home How much does it cost to bulletproof your car? | … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: April 18, 2014, 5:51 pm
Critical Thinking – What is it? How do we apply it to our preparedness? I discuss this in this podcast, and I also go over an article entitled, Top 20 Barter Skill Sets, along with a warning about fake preppers. Overall Topics: Update on Ebola. Mortality still seems to be very high, the 65% mortality I used last episode was based on reported numbers, but that can be misleading. Reported numbers often only those cases that have been confirmed by a laboratory, and can be misleading. Beware of fake preppers pushing products or services that are only meant to line … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: April 18, 2014, 7:33 am
Prepping and General Interest Best Practices to Ensuring GMO-Free Food Storage – Survivalist Blog Convert Coffee Grounds into Starter Pots for Spring Planting How to Field Dress & Butcher a Rabbit Start Your Food Garden, 101 11 Ways A Condom Can Save Your Life: Multi-functional survival uses for a condom How to Make Dandelion Bread Why I’m Not Scared of the Measles & Won’t Vaccinate My Child The Best EDC Flashlights Compared to knives, people have only… Power Cord Winder Double Chocolate Chip Cookies Bolt vs. AR: What’s the Best Predator Rifle? Steyr Arms Unveils New U.S. Headquarters in Alabama … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: April 17, 2014, 5:39 pm
Prepping and General Interest Introducing the Bushnell LRHS Riflescope Underground Bunkers Shouldn’t Be Made From Shipping Containers! 10 Survival Novels The Vertx EDC “A-Range Bag” | Kit Up! 33 Awesome Uses of Lemon Essential Oil Downsize Before You Have To Tanks Flying Russian Flag Enter East Ukraine City The “Housing Recovery” Is Complete: Major US Banks’ Mortgage Originations Tumble To Record Low How to get Superpowered Garden Soil – Weed’em & Reap 10 Survival Preparedness Reference Books MMC Armory’s Recon 16.1 Rifle When You’re Not Around: Setting Your Family Up for Success | Cathlyn Harris | FINANCIAL SENSE News Going … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: April 16, 2014, 5:30 pm
Resist the Tyranny Standoff at Nevada Ranch: America Is Ready to Resist As many as one million armed New Yorkers are about to break the law SAFE Act gun showdown What do you think will happen next at the “Bundy Ranch” in Nevada? NY Gun Owners: “We will not comply” New Raid on Nevada Ranch could be Coming: Senator Harry Reid Threatens Rancher ‘it’s not over’ VICTORY: Federal Agents Flee Bunkerville Citing “Safety Concerns”… Armed Citizen Militia Stands Down… Feds to Pursue Bundy Ranch ‘Judicially’ After Standoff Ron Paul on Bundy Ranch: Feds May ‘Come Back with a Lot More … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: April 15, 2014, 6:10 pm
Resist the Tyranny – Note: These articles cover the same event in Nevada, but are presented here as each has a different angle and information. BLM_standoff Photo by maghhrib | Photobucket BLM Selling Out America-Fabian Calvo Americans back government down VICTORY: Federal Agents Flee Bunkerville Citing “Safety Concerns”… Armed Citizen Militia Stands Down… Militia Push Feds out of Nevada: Sheriff of Clark County Announces Feds Leaving Bundy’s Land Guest Post: Real Americans Are Ready To Snap The Revolution is in Fact Being Televised Why the Standoff at the Bundy Ranch is a Very Big Deal | A Lightning War for … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: April 14, 2014, 6:00 pm
Prepping and General Interest The Seven Easiest Vegetables to Grow for Beginner Gardeners Happy Home Coffee – Roasting My Own Coffee Beans What Inspires Food Storage? Sig Sauer’s New Hollow-Point Ammo Aristo Beobachter – automatic titan 5h37s Marathon General… Vvego T-1 Boot Blade Free Food Friday: Meat and Pasta from the Survival Pantry + Giveaway Grow your own herbal tea Gardens: herbs Vertical veg man on compost: the secret to a successful garden Sig punching the man in the nose TEOTWAWKI Blog: A Public Service Announcement on the SIG SB15 Brace Survivalist or Prepper, First and Foremost It Is a … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: April 11, 2014, 5:52 pm
Prepping and General Interest How to Canoe First Look: Arsenal SAM7UF Top 10 Items to Include in Your First-Aid Kit Tinder For Flame And Fire A symbol of preparedness, the pocket knife is widely regarded as… Compensators: Pressure or Gas? Anschütz MSR RX22 Review Viridian Reactor 5 Green Laser Sight Review – S&W Shield Lee Loader – 12 Gauge Couple Stays Warm 24/7 With Just One Small Fire Each Day. Their Secret? A “Super Stove” Will You Eat a Rat to Survive? INFOGRAPHIC: How to Select a Tactical Knife 4 Criteria For A Successful Survival Food Supply SOLKOA’S Answer to … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: April 10, 2014, 4:55 pm
Prepping and General Interest How to Make Baby Food Personal Defense TV: Jessie Duff’s Tips for Maximizing Range Time DC/AC Power Distribution Panel Part 4 16 Signs That Most Americans Are NOT PREPARED For The Coming Economic Collapse Bye-Bye 7N6 Range time! A Case Study in Community Sustainability How To Heat 500 Showers From One Small Compost Pile Pressure Canners Vs Pressure Cookers – Preparedness Advice Blog | Preparedness Advice Blog Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth 10 Non-Power Tools You Need for Survival TEOTWAWKI Bartering (A different look!) These Risks Lead To Outdoor Accidents … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: April 9, 2014, 6:11 pm
Announcements Podcast XML - Links to server should be fixed. Most apps that weren’t connecting probably won’t download past episodes. You’ll need to manually request the download from within the app. PrepperFest AZ - Great expo Thanks to Tony Awesome to connect with the 30 or 40 listeners that came to the fest. Sold out of all the books! Overall Topics: Situational Awareness Exercise Use conditions while driving to develop better situational awareness. Ebola. Avian Influenza spreading cross species From RSOE EDIS Posted:2014-03-14, 09:19:19 [UTC] South Korea reported additional cases of avian influenza (AI) in dogs Monday, further confirming … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: April 9, 2014, 5:31 am

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