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News Ebola Is Not Mutating As Fast As Scientists Feared The first tornado outbreak of 2015 strikes the Midwest It’s The End Of March And 99.85% Of California Is Abnormally Dry Already Is Boston Vulnerable to a Major Earthquake? WNW 183-War in Yemen, Crazy Middle East US Policy, Iran Nuke Deal Prepping and General Interest 6 Reasons To Buy A Training Gun Ammo Prices: 03/20/2015 (Updated: Fixed) Case Club Five Pistol Case – The Firearm Blog Tips and Tactics: How to Hunt Mule Deer 15 Primitive Houses You Can Build Yourself 7 Marine-Tested Survival Tools You Should Own The Complete … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: March 27, 2015, 5:48 pm
It’s been a while since I came out with the Harsh Reality podcast episode, but staying realistic in preparedness planning is a continual thing. I came across a good article along these lines that you should read: If You Are Not Thinking Tactically You Are Not A Survivalist. Maintaining a realistic perspective on your plans is critical to ensuring your ability to survive. News Russia Has Constructed Massive Underground Shelters In Anticipation Of Nuclear War Report: Ebola Far Deadlier for Young Children Prepping and General Interest Survival Skills: How to Store Dry Food Staples | Outdoor Life Food Storage Do-Over … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: March 26, 2015, 5:59 pm
News World Health Organization: Monsanto’s Roundup “Probably” Causes Cancer US Begins “Big Stick” Negotiations With Iran: Sends The “Big Ships” Into The Persian Gulf WNW 181-Ukraine & Middle East Closer to War, Clinton Emails, Economy Sinking Prepping and General Interest 33 Strange Facts About America That Most Americans Would Be Shocked To Learn How to Survive a Flood or Flash Flood How to Survive a Flash Flood How To Build A $300 Underground Greenhouse Best Pocket Carry Flashlight For Under 30 Dollars What Do You Prep For: Local / Regional Trouble: “All Of This Has To Be Figured Out In … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: March 25, 2015, 5:17 pm
News Missile System Helps Counter N. Korea Threats, US Official Says Saudis Claw Back Global Market Share With Oil Output Push Prepping and General Interest Wash Hard Fruits and Vegetables with a Brush to Reduce Pesticide Risk How Long Does Food Last? Shelf Life & Expiration Date Guide Promag 32 rd M&P9 Magazine Range is NOT Clear – The Firearm Blog Gun Review: Springfield XD Mod.2 .45 ACP Ancient Doomsday Asteroid Impact Found in Australia : Discovery News How Many Rolls Of Toilet Paper Do You Use Every Week? My bug out bag Footwraps as Improvised Socks or Foot Wear … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: March 24, 2015, 4:55 pm
News Sheriff’s Office looking for suspect with burns after copper theft causes power outage west of Port Angeles NATO Launches “Wide-Scale” War Games Near Russian Border, Creates “Line Of Troops” New compound destroys chemical weapons faster than ever Prepping and General Interest New Orleans Red Beans and Rice Pre-Threaded Sewing Kits Tresna JAG9 9mm Carbine 500,000-Year-Old Tools Show Humans Butchered Elephants How Worms Can Deliver The Very Best Compost You’ve Used Survival Gear Review: Camillus S.K. Arctic Knife 4 Disadvantages of Solar Energy You Need To Consider Shock and Severe Bleeding First Aid Basics The Alarming New Report You Should … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: March 23, 2015, 5:34 pm
News Russian Submarine Activity Surges 50% Since 2014, Admiral Claims “Not Saber-Rattling” Why We’re Drifting Towards World War 3 Russia Targets NATO With Military Exercises Climate Center Sees Drought Getting Worse in Western US WNW 182-Netanyahu & Coming War, Fed Confusion, Drought in West DNews: How a California Run Dry Affects the World Prepping and General Interest Nite Ize Gear Tie 20 Cheap and Easy Soup Recipes Make a Week’s Worth of Interesting Soups with the Never-Ending Soup Pot 3 Great Takedown Survival Guns New HIVIZ Sights For Ruger 10/22 JPX4: Enhanced OC Firepower First Look: Glock 43 Single Stack … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: March 20, 2015, 4:49 pm
Image provided by They also have a Home Security Quiz you can check out.
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: March 20, 2015, 4:21 pm
News Major Solar Storm Stuns Scientists And Threatens Power Grid Prepping and General Interest I put on a complete Ebola suit and fought off a panic attack 10 Edible Garden Plants Anyone Can Grow How to Properly Freeze Fruit for Longer-Lasting Freshness Plast-aid Should You Clean Your Suppressor? LaserLyte Plinking Kit Now Available Behold, The Long-Awaited “Slim-Nine” Glock 43 AGP Arms 10/22 Take-Down Stock Kit Full Spectrum Solutions Shooting Mat New .45 Long Colt Round From Liberty Solar Storm Leads to Stunning Aurora Displays: Photos Add Climate Change in Disaster Planning, FEMA Urges : Discovery News Tips and Tactics: How … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: March 19, 2015, 6:05 pm
News Kraft Recalls 242,000 Cases That May Contain Macaroni And Cheese And Metal Shards Syria Shoots Down US Drone Prepping and General Interest 10 Quick Bread and Biscuit Recipes That Bake in a Flash Turn Your Car Into The Ultimate Survival Machine How To Brown Butter Guns of The Iditarod Trail | Guns & Ammo Mesa Tactical Releases Combination Stock Wrench & Beer Opener Ruger 9E Review US Army Considering “M4A1+” Upgrades ALG Defense Sidewinder 5.56 Muzzle Brake Review: Masterpiece Arms MPAR 556 Gen 2 Powerful Solar Storm Rips into Earth’s Magnetic Field 10 Long-Lasting ‘Comfort Foods’ For Your Survival … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: March 18, 2015, 5:52 pm
News Russia Escalates Military Posture: Deploys Strategic Bombers To Crimea, Launches Massive Drills Across Nation Key Issues in Iran Nuclear Talks California Is Turning Back Into A Desert And There Are No Contingency Plans NATO exercises put Russia on “full alert” Cyclone Pam cleanup gets underway in Vanuatu – in pictures Prepping and General Interest Ruger AR-556 Review 5 reasons to buy old cookbooks How to Dig Your Own Water Well Forecasting Floods Rises to the Challenge 2014 Saw the Lowest Number of Disaster Declarations in 14 Years Lawmaker Offers Americans Tips to Prepare for Nuclear, Terrorist Attacks Abandoned Mines: … Continue reading
Author: (Rob Hanus)
Posted: March 17, 2015, 5:02 pm

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