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Oh what changes the last few months have brought! If you’re a regular reader of Prepography you may have noticed some changes the last few months.  Although we continue to add new content we’ve ceased adding content every day and as part of that change have stopped posting daily quotes as well.  It’s really been a matter of time and I’ve been spending the vast majority of my non-working, non-sleeping time acquiring new skills and experience that will serve both my family, my developing preparedness group and the readers of this website well. So what has the Jackson clan been doing with all its time?  We bought the farm…literally.  After seven years of looking for a place to develop as our homestead and full time retreat we are in the process of moving from our […]

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Author: Andrew J. Jackson
Posted: August 1, 2014, 5:03 am

No Guns For You?  ‘Out West’ or even in my much beloved Midwest (not including much of Illinois of course) we have a hard time understanding the Eastern Mindset…I’m not talking about the Asian Mind but the Eastern (US) Mind.  With notable exceptions like West Virginia, New Hampshire, Maine and much of Pennsylvania there is this attitude toward liberties and even Constitutionally protected liberties that the rest of us just don’t understand…to quote Mr. Sampson (below) ‘it just doesn’t make sense’ to us.  Recently the Massachusetts legislature pulled wording from a proposed law that would have allowed the local Chief of Police to determine who could and who couldn’t purchase long arms (they already have this power for hand guns).  […]

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Author: Andrew J. Jackson
Posted: July 29, 2014, 5:03 am

Why learn new self reliance skills Living a self-sufficient lifestyle, and trying to cut down your reliance on outside entities is not something that comes out of the blue. It is something that must be worked on and fostered. Part of that entails learning the skills and gathering the knowledge to do so. Without continued learning, your efforts stagnate, and you never achieve your goals. There is not a single person that I know who is traveling the path towards self reliance who is not constantly trying a new technique, or reading some book or manual in order to learn new skills and accumulate more knowledge. Why pass on your self reliance skills For many, a natural progression after gaining, or mastering, new skills, is to pass them along. The obvious answer as to why they do this is that […]

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Author: Grumpy G
Posted: July 23, 2014, 5:03 am

Sanctuary: Introduction “Sanctuary: A Post-apocalyptic Novel” by G. Michael Hopf is the third in his “The New World” series. After purchasing and powering through the first two novels in the series; “The End” and The “The Long Road,” I was anxious to crack open my publisher provided review copy of Sanctuary and see what happened next.. Andrew’s Note:  You can read Grumpy G’s reviews of The End HERE and The Long Road HERE if you haven’t already.  Sanctuary: A Brief Synopsis Surviving the attack proved to be more than they could have imagined… “Sanctuary: A Post-apocalyptic Novel” takes place months after a devastating Super  EMP attack, and nuclear strikes which crippled the US, Europe and parts of Russia and the […]

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Author: Grumpy G
Posted: July 17, 2014, 5:03 am

The Long Road: Introduction “The Long Road: A Postapocalyptic Novel (The New World Series)“, by G. Michael Hopf is the second book in his “The New World” series. If you read my review of the first book in this series, entitled “The End,” you’ll know that I am on a quest to reach a point where I can read, and review, the third book, “Sanctuary“, without dropping in to the middle of the drama. I powered through the first novel over the course of a weekend. I finished this one in short order, too. I  am going to review “Sanctuary” next.  First, it’s on to  a review of “The Long Road: A Post-apocalyptic Novel”. The Long Road: A Brief Synopsis “The End” was just the beginning of the new world”, […]

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Author: Grumpy G
Posted: July 16, 2014, 5:01 am

“He took the 2009 pandemic flu virus and selected out strains that were not neutralised by human antibodies. He repeated this several times until he got a real humdinger of a virus,” said one scientist who was present at Professor Kawaoka’s talk.“He left no doubt in my mind that he had achieved it. He used a flu virus that is known to infect humans and then manipulated it in such a way that it would effectively leave the global population defenceless if it ever escaped from his laboratory,” he said.“He’s basically got a known pandemic strain that is now resistant to vaccination. Everything he did before was dangerous but this is even madder. This is the virus,” he added. via Exclusive: Controversial US scientist creates deadly new flu strain for pandemic research – Science – Ne […]

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Author: Quote
Posted: July 10, 2014, 5:01 am

“I don’t think anybody would argue that shot placement is the most important for terminal ballistics,” Langdon said. “Even though you say a .45 is better than a 9mm, it’s still a pistol caliber. Chances are if it is a determined adversary, they are going to have to be shot multiple times regardless of the caliber.” Many law-enforcement shooting incidents have shown this to be reality, he said. “I talked to a Chicago cop that shot a guy eight times with a .45 to kill him and that was a 230 grain Hydra-Shok,” Langdon said. “And that guy now carries a 9mm …he realized that handgun bullets suck. “You have to shoot people a lot with a handgun.” via Army wants a harder-hitting pistol | Fox News Andrew’s Note:  The U.S. Army […]

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Author: Quote
Posted: July 9, 2014, 5:01 am

Basically, the city council wants to make sure that low-income, homeless, indigent folks have access to their medical marijuana, their medicine… Berkeley California City Council Member Darryl Moore via Berkeley Requires Marijuana Dispensaries To Provide Free Weed For Low-Income Patients « CBS San Francisco Andrew’s Note:  Weed Welfare…now free marijuana is a right too?

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Author: Quote
Posted: July 8, 2014, 5:01 am

Freedoms natal day is here. Fire the guns and shout for freedom, See the flag above unfurled! Hail the stars and stripes forever, Dearest flag in all the world. Florence A. Jones

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Author: Quote
Posted: July 4, 2014, 5:01 am

Frequent Prepography contributor Grumpy G is nothing less than a pallet aficionado and has had me taking a second look at pallet wood as a low cost resource for building pallet wood projects. I’d previously dismissed this abundant and low cost building material from an outdated worry surrounding introducing toxic chemicals into my immediate environment.  I can still hear one of my sergeants yelling at then Private Jackson…”Jackson, take that damned pallet off the fire, don’t you know they’re treated with toxic chemicals!” Grumpy G and others over the years have shared pallet wood project stories with me and I’ve been concerned with their safety but have had my concerns brushed off by those in the know…that doesn’t mean every pallet is s […]

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Author: Andrew J. Jackson
Posted: July 3, 2014, 5:03 am

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