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A couple things on the “SHTF” knife contest. Try to make your photo as high quality as possible. Be creative not only with the picture but also with the description(if you choose). Although the contest says “knife” any edged item can be entered – machete, axe, sword, etc. Contest runs from Feb 1st through March 1st. I will be reminding everyone about once per week.

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HAM.Ham.ham.HAm.HaM. haM. Whatever. I have

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Posted: January 30, 2015, 12:15 am


As heard in the movie “American Sniper”. Chris Kyle’s father is talking to Chris and his younger brother when they were children…….

“There are three types of people in this world: sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs.”

“Some people prefer to believe that evil doesn’t exist in the world, and if it ever darkened their doorstep, they wouldn’t know how to protect themselves. Those are the sheep.”

“Then you’ve

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Author: Rourke
Posted: January 30, 2015, 12:14 am

True Story Of Kill Or Be Killed In The Real Old West

Long time ModernSurvivalOnline advertiser Jim Huebner discovered this one-of-a-kind memoir hidden way in an abandoned barn near of all places – -Disney World in modern day Florida.

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to strap on a six-gun in the real Old West and have a face-off-in-the-street gunfight where only the fastest gunslinger walks away – – then this recently discovered

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Posted: January 30, 2015, 12:01 am

One out of every 5 children in the US receive nutrition via food stamps. Wonderful.

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I think now would be a great time to start buying silver.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ has a SPAM can of Tula .223 Rem ammo – 500 rounds – for $129.99. I have shot a lot of Tula and never had an issue. Check it out HERE.

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Posted: January 29, 2015, 12:15 am

I recently had an opportunity to purchase two(2) Helotex G2 flashlights through at a really good price. I love flashlights in my preparedness system I can’t have too many (along with batteries of course). Over the last decade technology has lead to flashlights getting brighter, smaller, and less expensive. Most of my lights run off of either AA alkaline or CR123 batteries. Unique to the Helotex G2

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Posted: January 29, 2015, 12:10 am

ModernSurvivalOnline sponsor Prepper Press is a leading publisher of preparedness books and Dystopian fiction. They have recently released two new offerings:


The first is The Evolution of the Black Rifle: 20 Years of Upgrades, Options and Accessories. Author Jeff W Zimba brings the reader on a twenty-year journey through the testing and evaluation phase of America’s longest serving battle rifle, no known by many names, such as the AR-15, M16, M4, 416, and many

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Author: Rourke
Posted: January 29, 2015, 12:01 am

Get a load of this: A new law was just passed making it illegal to throw food away in the trash in the City of Seattle. These Progressives just never cease to amaze me.

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I can’t get that damn Taylor Swift song “Shake It Off” out of my head.

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Last couple weeks have been hitting the gym pretty hard. I continue to go to Crossfit,

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Posted: January 28, 2015, 12:15 am

For a skilled outdoorsman or an expert prepper, nothing can be as important as having a good survival knife. It’s a basic item that should always be included in any survival gear and not one of these guys would ever go out without having this gear on their side. Survival knives come in many forms and are molded from different materials. And most common types of survival knives are the fixed blade type

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Author: Rourke
Posted: January 28, 2015, 12:11 am

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