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USA Emergency Broadcasting Network Staff had the opportunity to test the Blauer’s Clash Boot. The lacing system, named BOA lacing system, carries a lifetime guarantee and is the best lacing system I have even seen. It is so easy to operate and secures the boot comfortably and quickly, I wished I had this lacing system on my boots during combat operations.


These boots were tested in the heat of the Arizona desert where boots are sometimes considered more of a determent than a necessity. As your body temps rises any extra weight, especially on your feet feel like concrete. The Blauer boots, were lightweight and as I became more and more tired, I forgot about these boots being on my feet. Even in camp, where I am a custom to putting my sneakers on, these boots stayed on my feet and improved my safety from snakes and other critters.

Posted: September 16, 2013, 6:28 am

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